Am getting message, "no data to display"

Hi all. I have encountered an issue while generating a report. The system is built on the tracker capture platform and data elements and tracker entities are attached to the program. But while I run even the report function to generate data, I frequently receive a message “no data to display”. Any idea why this happen

Welcome to the community @Kas_KE! (:
May I ask you to please take screenshot of the error as well as the Network tab (F12) after the error appears, it will be the starting point to see what additional info we might need. Additionally, what is the version of the DHIS2 instance that you are using? And to know ahead, do you have access to the Database and are you an admin user? Thank you!

Thanks for showing a willingness to support. We are using the 2.29 version and I have an admin user. Please take a look attached screenshot.Thanks.

Thank you! Please open the network tab immediately after opening the events report and then once you see the error “no data to display”… copy the info from the Network tab, please see screenshot below for instructions: