Allowing more formatting of default/section forms?

Hi all,
Is there any talk of allowing users to format default or section forms a bit more? They are so easy to create which is great, but we are having to use custom forms in cases where we have a lot of disaggregates just because the DE stretches forever across the screen. There are downsides to using custom forms so wondering how difficult it would be to offer a vertical configuration for certain catcombos, for example. Thanks for all your work!

Hi there @Natalie_Tibbels!
It wold be great with some thoughts from you on what options could be useful. In general we want to support the default forms better, as they are more maintainable and flexible.


Thank you for getting back to me! Really the most useful thing would be allowing us to list category options in a catcombo vertically rather than only horizontally - like age bands going down instead of stretching across. Even higher level would be allowing users to put one category vertical and one horizontal. For example, for some projects we are collecting data by age in 4 year bands from 0 to 80+… and then by sex or by another category as well. If age could go down the side and then sex or other categories on top, that would make the form a lot more manageable. I’ve attached a screenshot, one with the excel version we are working from and then what (a tiny) portion of it looks like as a default/section form. This would be amazing! Thank you for considering!

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