All Program Indicators loading to program, even when display in form = False

Hi All,
We posted about this on JIRA a while back but it has never been assigned. I was wondering if anyone here knows if this is intentional behavior. Jira is here: Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA

We have an instance with 35,479 programIndicators. The problem is that when you open the Tracker Capture app, there is an api call for programindicators whether displayForm == False or True for all program indicators in batch of 50s. I looked at the play instance and I noticed the same behavior. The difference is that the dhis2 play instance have about 120 program indicators making it negligible in terms of performance impact. This results in the Tracker Capture app taking a very long time to load, and requiring a lot of bandwidth.

This can be inspected in the browser dev network section (the figures below)

We want to know if this is a bug or by design, and how we can workaround this limitations as the mobile version experience similar slowness and data consumption.


Hi @kstankevitz,
Thank you for posting to the community! @Markus has responded to your comment in the Jira issue

Thank you! :+1: