All emements and dataset loaded in Data Entry app

We found that the Data Entry app load time increases proportionately to number of elements. What I mean is, when we had 100 elements and 2 dataset, the data entry app took a few seconds to load (not the dataset load time, but the app itself). When we have 10000+ elements now - the data entry app takes 30-40 seconds to load, or sometimes takes 3-4 attempts. And we found that the app loads all Elements and all datasets in memory (10 MB+ in size!!!) when it loads, and we have not yet selected the dataset to enter data!

have anyone faced this? We have 2.35. See the screenshot below -

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@debora @Gassim @austin can anyone from dev team comment?

@mahmud this does look like an issue with scaling of DHIS2 aggregate, would you mind creating a Jira issue for it here?

Iā€™m not sure if others have experienced it before (@Lars @viet @Scott) - we will make sure to address scalability in a sustainable way when porting the Data Entry app to the new Application Platform stack (@varl)

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Thanks @austin!

Great post @Mahmud, load time is critical especially in countries where internet bandwidth is a huge issue. Please let me know if you need assistance creating the jira issue! Thank you for your patience!