Aggregation Query Builder doesn't count

Hi Helder=2C
This bug was fixed for only 1.12 version. For 2.13=2C we have a plan to imp=
rove it by using web-API. And I am working on it.
I tested this bug on demo server ( with revision 11292 in this morning)=2C=
it works fine. Can you help me to test it again ?

Best regard=2C


On 30-08-2013=2C at 23:42=2C helder yesid castrillon cobo <helder_947@hotma=> wrote:

I downloaded DHIS 2.13-SNAPSHOT with revision 11846 from http://apps.dhis2.=
org/ci/job/dhis-web-2.12/ to test=2C but in this revision the error persi=
st=2C also we tested in the demo of DHIS to discard errors in ours Data=2C =
obtaining the same error.

Mg. Helder Yesid Castrillon.
Sistemas de informaci=F3n
Secretar=EDa departamental de salud del cauca.