Aggregation levels terminology: How to define?

Hi @jason

In my organization, we have the following: organizational unit hierarchy:

Country – no data entered

Provinces – no data entered

Districts – no data at the moment (data entry in the future)

Health facilities – we now do data entry at this level (i.e forms created in DHIS2 receive monthly data only at the health Facilities Level)

Aggregation should therefore be from health facility - district – province. In other words, we sometimes want to aggregate data at the facility level, sometimes at the district level (aggregate data of all health facilities in a district) and sometimes at the provincial level (aggregate data of all districts in a province). This is how we want the aggregation done so we would like guidance on how to configure the aggregation levels in this situation.

It is also important for us the concept of Org unit group and org unit group sets, so please help us in defining this as well with regards to our description above. We need to understand the philosophy behind org unit group and group sets

Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Hi @fernandoshake

The aggregation levels should only be configured in situations where you are collecting the same data at multiple levels of the hierarchy. This generally should never be the case, but it can happen in certain circumstances. Please see this old post for a good description.

Org unit group simply refer to a group of organisation units which are related in some way. For instance, you might have two groups “Public” and “Private”. Each facility could then be assigned to one of the groups, depending on its circumstances. An organisation unit group set consists of a number of different groups which are related. So in this case, the group set might be called “Ownership” and consist of two the groups “Public” and “Private”.

Hope this helps to clarify.


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