Aggregate indicators: Expression is not well-formed

Hi all,

Iam gettting this error: “Expression is not well-formed” when I build aggregate program indicators. What is surprising is that I have built many indicators the same way and no error was displayed. It’s just a sum of data elements; it’s not a complex formula.


Hi @dmbantu,
May you please share the formula? And what is the version of the instance you are using? Are you able to reproduce this issue in any of the instances in Thank you!

Hi @Gassim.

I am using DHIS 2 version 2.34.5.

Sum of six data elements


I tested the expression using the same data elements on demo 2.34.6 and it is working. I couldn’t find in demo.version 2.34.5 of my instance,


Okay! Thanks for sharing! We might have to check for the error message from the Network tab in your Browser’s Developer Tools (F12). Please open the Network tab right before you evaluate the expression, and after you get the error “Expression is not well-formed” see where the error is in the Network tab and copy the response.

Hi @Gassim,

This is what I get from the network tab

I can not see the word response


Please see if you have a red line in the Network tab and then if you click on it, you’ll see the response tab.

We’d probably want to get the complete explanation for this: