Aggregate indicator result not updating in custom dataset form

We have an indicator which is adding up 3 different indicators and shows the grand total of a row.
As soon as we update any data element in that row, subtotals are updated but not grand total.
Subtotals are being calculated by adding different data elements.

Hi @zubair

Thank you for posting here. What version of DHIS2 are you using? Is it possible to reproduce this issue in any of the instances?

This is an interesting issue, what if you run the data analytics export and clear cache, does the grant total still doesn’t update? Perhaps this is something that could be looked at further by the analytics team but would be interesting to investigate the issue a bit more.

Based on your explanation the subtotals are indicators adding up the data elements but the grant total is an indicator adding up the subtotals (three indicators), so I’m not sure why the indicator that is adding up indicators not updating (which is something worth looking into) but how about a workaround to make the grand total indicator add up all the data elements in the row?


yes, we can add all data elements in a row and calculate grand total just as the way we are doing subtotal. But if the number of data elements grows then so will indicator expression.

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