Aggregate Dataset Form Type

hi @everyone

When I create a new form on DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone, the form type is defaulting to custom form. Before I guess it was easy to change form type.

How can I change to default or section form.

Hi @arnold

The data set will by use the default form type and will only change to custom form if it has been edited using the ‘design data entry form’ feature, so if it’s showing you that it’s a custom form here are the steps to revert back to the default or section form:

  1. In the maintenance app select Data set and then under data set management select the options for the data set you would like to make the changes
  2. If it shows you that the form type is custom but you’d like it change it to default then select ‘design data entry form’
    3.Under the HTML editor you will see the option to delete the custom form (as you can see in the screenshot), please select delete and confirm. After that the data set form type will be reverted back to default.

@Gassim thanks worked as expected.

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