Aggregate and tracker package

In Morocco, we want to integrate the countries that use DHIS2 CBS, in a first step we want to do a pilot experience in a region and then generalize. For this, I searched for an aggregate and tracker package that can adapt to the DHIS2 2.29 instance currently available on the Department of Health server, but could not find anything.
Someone can support me in this process.
thank you so much

Hello @elmoujarrade ,
Here is the link for agregate on WHO Package Downloads | DHIS2 only available for version 2.32 to 2.34.
CBS one ( Tracker) is not released yet but will be available soon from version 2.33

Just note that adapt packages for for lower versions (like 2.29 in your case) are not recommended because some of features could not work as expected.

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Hi @Sakibou
thank you for your support