Additional Reporting Requirement (Bi-monthly and Bi-weekly)

Hi Devs,

Some of our projects require us to be able to collect and analyze data bi-weekly and bi-monthly From the current

**Version: 2.22 **

Build revision:22092

We have been forced to select the “weekly” option for the bi-weekly dataset and montly for the bi-monthly data sets.

The problem with such adjustments is that they make time graphs virtually impossible; if for example I use a weekly period for the bi-weekly data set, but fill in data only every other week, then when I plot the data over time, every two weeks the line is going to drop down to zero, then zoom back up the next week, making it unreadable.

Our request is have these reporting periods (Bi-weekly and Bi-monthly). If so is it possible to be backported?



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So, bi-weekly has been implemented for data entry but has not been implemented for the analytics.

Just bringing up this issue.

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