Adding visible points to a line chart


I have been creating a dashboard but I have noticed that our line charts do not have visible points along the line.

I’ve just come across another example dashboard that has visible points, is there a way to do this using settings in the visualiser?

Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 12.38.44
Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 12.38.09

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Hi @jamiecarter7

I have tried to recreate the second chart with the visible points but my guess is that the chart is not from a DHIS2 instance (right?) because the points only become visible when highlighting.

This is another design/UX feature request… would you like to create a feature request using your Jira account? I can create one on your behalf using mine if you want…


@jamiecarter7 The second visualization looks like an event visualizer object; agree that we aren’t able to produce the visible points.

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Having visible points helps show the chart is not empty in instances where there is only 1 data point.

Currently if I have a single value along the x axis, it can appear like the chart is broken as there is no node/point shown. A line only appears when there is 2 or more nodes/points on the chart.

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