Adding translation for the program dates - feature request

Dear @tracker-frontend, @dhis2-tracker developers,

I would like to propose to add an ability to add translation strings for the following :
Description of the incident date, Description of enrollment date in the Enrollment details of the program:

and also translations inside Program stages:
Stage details - Name

Description of report date and Description of due date

Currently I am using the same DHIS instance for the few countries, where they have at least 4 different languages. So by adding this translation adding ability, could make data collection more clear.

Thank you.

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Hi @Ulanbek

Sorry if I misunderstood your question, but isn’t this already possible using the Translations app?


Hi @Gassim,

On those labels you can put only 1 language translations, when I have at least 4 languages :frowning:

Therefore would be great to have those translations for each language separately.


Hi Ulanbek

Sorry for the delayed response to this. It is actually possible to select the Target locale and you will be able to input for all the languages. Please see screenshot below, does that work?


Hi @Gassim,

Thank you for your guidance. I have created a feature request on jira and received an answer [DHIS2-15729] - Jira
But unfortunately it doesn’t work for me on the version 2.38.4. Could you please follow the thread and have a look at my explanations pls?

Thank you

Thank you @Ulanbek!

Could you please share with me the steps to reproduce the issue you mentioned in the Jira ticket on any of the instances? I mean the issue that the translation strings being added to the Translation app not appearing. I see you shared a screenshot of the API request, is the API request from the app does it show the translation but the translation is not appearing in the front end?

I would like the steps to reproduce the issue please so I can test and know where the issue is.

Thank you!

Hi @Gassim

Today I have received a message, where explained where the translations work. Sp basically it works in new Capture app, not in Tracker Capture.

I was looking for the old Tracker Capture app, as for us new app is not as convenient as old one…:frowning:


Hi @Ulanbek

I’m sorry to hear that you are facing some obstacles with the new Capture app. I’m not sure why the new app is not as convenient, would you please create a topic in the Development - Développement category explaining what is missing and what is inconvenient?

This is important because the Tracker Capture app will eventually be deprecated and will sometime in the future might not be available in the latest future versions of DHIS2; therefore, hearing from your experience might shed light on certain issues that will be improved/fixed for the Capture app (where the development is going.)

Thank you for your understanding.