Adding server information to webapp through d2-app-scripts

Hi, I am new here, couldn’t find a similar problem in the list, so asking it here. apologies if the question is too basic.

I used d2-app-scripts init new-app to create a dhis2 react application and it is served in localhost:3000.
It is asking me to enter the server, username, and password at first. I have my own dev server set up in the AWS EC2 instance. I want to use it in my app. But, when I enter my credentials it is not going through.

in console, I am getting
DHIS2 data context must be initialized, please ensure that you include a <DataProvider> in your application

also, when I run d2 app scripts build
I am getting
Build parameters:
- Mode : production
- DHIS2_BASE_URL : …/…/…
Generating internationalization strings…
No i18n updates found!
Bootstrapping local appShell…
Local shell version does not match scripts version
Removing existing directory…
Copying appShell to temporary directory…
[ERROR] Build script failed

Please help. I am not sure what I am missing.