Adding new tracker entities on android app

Hi everyone,
I have installed the DHIS2 android app however I cannot seem do add or register new clients. I am able to edit the ones I’ve registered through the web but I am not given the option of adding new clients on android app.

Kindly assist if there is something that I need configure.
Thank you

Hi @Peck_Secia

In order to add new TEI you will need to have the proper permissions in the program sharing settings. However, if this is already fine then you might be not aware that in Android, in order to add a new record you first need to search. This is done to avoid duplicates due to the offline capabilites of the App. Please try searching and see if the “magnifying glass” becomes a “+” for you to create a new record.

Hi @jaime.bosque,

Let’s consider the following scenario: I registered XYV entity offline, and I haven’t synched the data to the server yet. If another person wants to register the same entity (XYV) on a different android phone – as they do not that it has been registered – isn’t there a possibility of having a duplicate record since they won’t find the TEI after search is done?


Yes @ferdinandmussavene . You are correct and this is one of the main caveats to consider while using offline systems. If this is likely to happen you should define your sync process according if possible, otherwise, you might probably need to work on data cleaning at server level.

As a sidenote I will add that using UNIQUE identifiers might add complexity as, for example, you could be adding Alice Doe (using her ID as the UNIQUE identifier) and if added in two devices offline at the same time only the first one would success syncing and the second would receive an error for a duplicate.

Hi Jamie,

Thank you. I will do just that and report back with whatever solution I got