Adding data to a program stage on another ou

Hi All,

I have a program where i would enrol a TEI on an OU but certain services are only provided on a different OU.

With the old Android App,we would simply select the OU of interest and then search the TEI and once found add the data on the concerned stage.

When doing analysis,that particular OU will show data for that particular stage.

With the new Android App,i dont see this option.

Am i missing something? Advise

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@dhis2-android Any thoughts?

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Hi Ameen,

that functionality is called referral now, as in tracker web.
Your user will require to have the org unit as capture OU.
To refer an event or a TEI you have t be in the TEI dashbaord, then press the “+” button in the bottom right corner and chose referral (you will see Referral, Add new, Schedule new).
In the next step it will ask you if it is one time (only the event) or permanent (move the TEI)

Hope it helps,


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