Adding Attachments to Upload & Store Documents (or Google Drive integration)


Does DHIS2 have the functionality to upload and store external files at attachments within a data set? For example, if I’m capturing the date of when an application is received, and I also want to include a copy of the application as a PDF or Word/Excel document as evidence, is there a way to do that within the platform? Or if I am marking that an application is approved and I want other users to be able to view the approval letter, is that functionality available in the current version of DHIS2? I believe there is already a mechanism of attaching documents within the messaging system, but I want these attachments to be globally available to all users and linked to the specific data set.

We are keeping all these documents in Google Drive, so I guess if attachments are not possible, then perhaps there is a way to include a link to the document within the platform where the link to the document is the value within a data set? Or is there Google Drive integration with DHIS2 currently?

If this feature doesn’t currently exist, is this something in the pipeline for DHIS2 development? I could see other users having a use case for this function.


Hi @npatil55 ,

Yes, DHIS2 has the functionality to store files as part of a data set. Simply define your data elements with the “File” (or “Image”) value type. Please refer to this section of the documentation.

You can see an example of this on something like the “Project Management” data set on our demo instances:

I hope that helps.

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I didn’t know that too! ( : Thanks for the answer @phil! It should help in many implementations - thinking of EMIS as well!

hi @phil - yes! thank you!

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