Accessing uploaded file in Tracker

Hi everyone,

How do I access a file that I have uploaded as DE in tracker without opening the program stage I have uploaded it in. Is there a file store somewhere?

Thank you

Hi @Tangy

If by access you don’t mean ‘preview’ but simply list, filter, order…etc these files as lists then one option is to check the Network tab in the Browser’s Dev Tools and find the API request with the file resources. More info here:

However, if by ‘access’ means to preview, then if you have access to the server then you can find them in the files directory under DHIS2_HOME

DHIS2 is capable of capturing and storing files. By default, files will be stored on the local file system of the server which runs DHIS2 in a files directory under the DHIS2_HOME external directory location.

If you don’t have access to the server then one option would be to request from the server administrator to store files in a cloud storage provider.

See docs: Install file store configuration