"Access denied" data entry - DHIS2 2.30

Dear Team,
I am getting this error message “access denied”, when other user with other user roles apart from super user tries to enter data.
I have assigned role access to data entry, I have changed sharing settings for category options for this role/group to capture data

Any Ideas of what could be the cause would be appreciated

Peter Lubambi


Hi Peter

Have you checked to see if the specific user group has sharing permissions to that data set? This can be found when looking under “Data Set” under the “Maintenance” app then selecting the “Sharing settings” and checking whether the user group has sharing permissions to that data set.

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These users are member of the TAYOA group, I have given them access -

see attached screenshot


Hi @Peter_Lubambi,
Make sure in the roles, the authority shaded yellow (see image attached) is checked to update and delete.

Let us know if this works.


Thanks Very much Emma, This worked, I somehow overlooked this


Thank you for this response. I also made this mistake recently when re-configuring my user roles. I would recommend that this authority would make more sense grouped together with other System properties, along with approving data and accepting data.

I am not familiar with a case where a Data Value could be Public or Private, but maybe there are use cases that I am not familiar with.

I would also appreciate a link to the documentation that describes all of the user authority groups and functions. When I search in the current documentation I do not see the level of detail that we need to understand these features.

User Documentation: https://docs.dhis2.org/master/en/user/html/dhis2_user_manual_en_full.html#about-user-roles
Implementer Guide: https://docs.dhis2.org/master/en/implementer/html/dhis2_implementation_guide_full.html#about-user-roles