About make referral features in tracker

Hi all,
Request for your support and guidance if anyone knows to define user role to add/edit program stage from the referred organization unit. Currently, I am not seeing any client’s details like profile, enrolled organization unit from the end of referred OU.
Thanking you in ana advance.

Hey @Upendra,
I understood from the first part of your part that you want to create a user role for a user whose responsibility will be adding/editing program stages but only within a specific OU. Please see if the following steps help:

From the User App click on the User Role and create a new user role. As you see on the screenshot I searched for Program Stage and selected it:

After saving it, you will have to this role to a user as well as select which organization unit:

(I removed some sections from the page to make it shorter)

I’m not sure what do you mean by any client details like profile, enrolled OU…etc Perhaps while creating the role, you will need to add other authorities and not just the Add/Edit program stage. Additionally, I hope you find the following docs helpful: Home - DHIS2 Documentation

Thank you for the guidance. It worked after selecting tracked entity and attributes in metadata.
Thanks @Gassim

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You are welcome! :+1: