A good will for the offline installation of the latest version of DHIS2

I actually tried several times but not much because of rain it is very difficult to see impossible to have the JDK8 version which may be wrong with the installation …
so if the community or someone willing to help us with this offline installation please help us because enough people still want to work offline … because there may be areas that do not have an internet connection or even maybe we may still not have the means to get an internet connection

so dear member a good will to make us a beautiful and good video with the installation of DHIS2 with the last versions Current: DHIS2 XX — POSTGRESQL XX - TOMECAT Xx - jdkX --JreX where X designates the last version in dated

NB: After installation, detailed in the videos, please put the software links to facilitate downloading
thank you all

I understand from your question is that you need assistance installing DHIS2 in a local server? Please, have you seen the documentation for DHIS2 installation? (Installation - DHIS2 Documentation) And if you’d like to install an instance for developer/learning purposes I’d also recommend checking out this guide (Getting started with DHIS2 | DHIS2 Developer Portal)

Additionally, if you mean data entry users then I also understand that there are users who want to connect to the DHIS2 instance and use it offline. It’s possible to use the DHIS2 software in an android app and still be offline (after syncing the data for offline use) but then eventually the user will have to connect to the internet to sync the data which also means that the instance installation doesn’t necessarily need to be in a local server - it could be in the cloud and will still work the same.

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ok thanks i try … i come back

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