409 error with Dataset report

The client is running version 2.33.6. Certain OUs in the heirarchy produce a 409 error when doing a data set report.
The full error is:

* httpStatus: "Conflict",
* httpStatusCode: 409,
* status: "ERROR",
* message: "Query failed, likely because the query timed out"

The API call looks like:


(where the OU and DS are UIDs)

To give a bit of background, we have 6 levels in the heirarchy:

1 - National
2 - Departments
3 - Arrondissements
4 - Communes
5 - Communal sections
6 - Facility

The national report returns the error.
There are 10 Departments in the heirarchy (level 2).
Of those 10, 4 run successfully and 6 produce the error when running the report.
Of those 6 where an error is thrown, only one child OU (Arrondissement - level 3) in the largest department produces an error when selecting it individually. Running the report with all the other children selected does not produce an error.
When selecting that one Arrondissement’s children individually, the report runs for all the children with no error. It seems to be an aggregation issue / data size issue if I’m reading it correctly.

Does anyone have any insight into what may be causing the error?

EDIT on further inspection, this error is logged in Tomcat:
ERROR: could not resize shared memory segment "/PostgreSQL.2140886198" to 6311936 bytes: No space left on device
I will investigate and revert

EDIT 2 it looks like the issue is that Docker by default limits shared memory size to 64Gb as per this article. This server is run in a docker instance.
I will update it to increase the /dev/shm size as per this stackoverflow solution and report back.

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