404 Error when setting up DHIS2

Hi team,

I start to set up DHIS2.32 but it got error

I have attach log file

Any help, thanks!

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Seem like you don’t have enough memory

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Hi @Gerald_Thomas,

Any instruction?

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Hi @LCaynar,

Here are the possible solutions to the issue mentioned above if you are on a Windows computer. Please, follow this link http://dhis2trainingland.com/eportal/?tutorial=dhis2-404-not-found-error. Let me know where it is not clear to you, and I will provide more help. Thanks


Dear @Hilton,

Thanks you very much for your instruction, I will follow this instruction and let you know.


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The solution mentioned here is not working for me.

Kindly help me to solve this problem of error 404


Sorry it’s not working for you!

Error 404 basically means tomcat is not connecting to the database and it could be for different kind of reasons.

@vmevada102 please create a new topic describing the issue you are facing with details about the software environment (dhis2, tomcat, postgres, and java versions as well as the basic configuration settings such as dhis.conf (without the credentials) , environment variables…) and please share the Catalina.out log (without the sensitive info).