24 Sept - 15:00 - DHIS2 in Non-Health Domains Q&A

In this discussion thread, feel free to ask questions related to the DHIS2 in Non-Health Domains session of the 2020 DHIS2 Digital Annual Conference. You can post your questions ahead of, during, or after the session. The panellists will check this thread for questions, and select some for responding to in the session, or follow up after the session has ended. Feel free to respond to other questions or add to them if you have something to follow up with.


Thank you for this great effort! One of the major problem that faced us during the implementation to different countries is “Organisation Unit” levels, using GIS information from OCHA each country has different organization unit levels and some of them has various levels for each governorate. My question how did you deal with such a problem, especially if you want to implement same program to two different countries.

Hi @Abdulkaarim, thank you for the question! At present, the Plan International’s YES ME! system has been using charts and tables for the dashboards, and we have not switched to GIS/Maps. We will be soon working on the same and would be happy to share the experiences and challenges.

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I wish you good luck! I’ve implemented health programs to 4 different countries, so the major issue was the organization unit levels, since some countries have only districts in some governorates and sub-districts or even communities in others, so data capturing in the same level is a bit challenging! and if those countries are using same platform so the organisation unit level should be the same in order to have one dashboard.

Anyway looking forward to hear from you and wish you success :slight_smile:

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