2.6 stable updated

Bravo!! For the great work.

------------------------------On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 11:38 PM PST Lars Helge Øverland wrote:>Hi all,>>version 2.6 has been running in production in several countries for>some weeks and as expected we have found and fixed a few bugs. More>specifically:>>>- Data visualizer: Fixed various minor issues with selection of>indicators / data elements and saving of favorites.>>- Data mart: Fixed a flaw which lead to unnecessary use of heap>memory, which might cause out-of-memory exceptions on large databases.>>- Charts: Fixed bug which caused the "include current user's>organisation unit" property to not work correctly.>>- Organisation units: Saving of organisation units did not set the>correct feature type in certain situations.>>>>We recommend that you upgrade your instances. The DHIS version 2.6>download has been updated and can be found here:>>http://dhis2.org/downloads>>>>regards, Lars>>_______________________________________________>Mailing list:
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