2.36.7 patch release date

Hello Happy new year to all.

Do you know when the 2.36.7 will be released officialy ?


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Hi @diallotafsir52
Happy New Year to you too! :tada:

Just for general knowledge, release info can be found in https://jira.dhis2.org/projects/DHIS2 - releases. Jira is very useful when it comes to following the development process and the DHIS2 roadmap. As soon as the core team makes an official release, you’ll receive a notification if you’re watching the #announcements category. Additionally, you’ll find the official release notes in the releases Github repository GitHub - dhis2/dhis2-releases: Release information for DHIS 2

As for patch release 2.36.7, please make sure you are watching the #announcements category to receive a notification once there is an official release. As you can see it has been ‘released’ and much progress has been done, the 11 issues that remain depend on the complexity and priorities so I’m not sure anyone can give an exact date.

I’ll make sure to notify you right here as well! Thank you! :+1:

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Hey @diallotafsir52! 2.36.7 is scheduled for 17th of January and if will be released then if all goes well :slight_smile: A slight delay is possible though.