2.35.10 vs. 2.35.11

Seeing that 2.35.11 has been “released” on Jira on 12/22/2021, and it seems to have quite a number of bugs present that we’d like to bring into our server. That said, I still see 6 “In progress” tickets, and note that the last stable patch in play remains 2.35.10.

Is there an update on when 2.35.11 will be officially released and considered stable? Thanks!

Hi @Matthew_Boddie,
You can definitely watch the #announcements category to receive a notification when the developers announce the release.

I agree with you that there are only 6 issues remaining; however, as you can see there are other versions and patches that the core team developers are working on, so it all depends on the complexity and the priority the issues. I am not sure there is a specific date for this but it’ll remain the same consistent periodic release cycle that we’re all used to.
You can always check back on the Releases dhis2 jira site to see the progress (and another option is to watch the 6 remaining issues so you get notifications as they progress into Done.

Thank you!