2.33 Unable to view data in one of the options in one Option set (SUPER IMPORTANT)


We have upgraded to 2.33 recently. We collect lot of individual data at facility level where age in years or months is further categorised in age categories. Since we use Excel import for data input, this conversion to age group for age happens in an Excel sheet. So for e.g. if patient’s age is 45 then the age group selected in Excel is 18-59 y.

We have one option set which has four age groups, 0-5 y, 6-17 y, 18-59 y and ≥60 y. After the upgrade, all the data in ≥60 y is not visible in either Event reports or events in Capture app. All other age group data is fine, not only in this age group but many others that we use. We can see data at the backend, but for some reason it doesn’t show in reports or input side on the interface.

Options don’t have share settings, all data elements are public.
What could be reason and how could we fix it?

Thank you
International Medical Corps

Hi @Dipali_Sahu,

First make sure that you sharing settings for each category option are properly selected for both read, write and edit. If you are coming from an older version of DHIS2 there was not sharing setting applied to category options. In the more recent release this is the case.

Hi, this is an option set used in an Event type Program, and it doesn’t seem to have 2 type of access ,i.e. data and metadata (checked on Play too).

The option set as shown in the screenshot is set to public view/edit. Also other age group members of the option set are fine, only one of them is not showing the data.

I mean it is an Option set, not a Category option