2.33 Unable to delete events in Capture app


In 2.33, I am unable to delete Events from the interface in Capture app.
Neither Right click nor left click do not give any selection option for deleting the event. I am a superuser and have full authority to add and delete events and values.

I checked on Play and looks same there too.

Did anyone else face the same? How did you fix this? (I understand we can still delete from backend)

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Hi @Dipali_Sahu,

Thanks for raising this issue!

  • Are you trying on play.dhis2.org/2.33dev/?
  • Which program are you trying to delete events from?
  • Which user are you using?

I quickly checked with admin user and the delete button shows up correctly.

Yes, got it now, thank you :+1:


I’m glad it’s working for you. May I ask what was the issue?


The event program had too many parameters shown in one row, and a long horizontal scroll was required to reach to the delete option. I was apparently not scrolling to the end, and trying to look for the option on the left end of row rather than the right. But, when I looked at your screenshot i realised I should be looking at the right end.Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 12.11.36 PM

Also, i tried to look in the User Guide, but the Capture app discussion in the manual is not updated, it still says Event capture, edit in grid etc.


Which version of docs are you looking at? I checked 2.33 and there seems to be a section about using capture app: Home - DHIS2 Documentation.


Thanks, got it now