2.33 >> Event Reports>> Line list >> Report not filtered by OU and Period selections


One of my data entry user is trying to create line list report in Event Reports app. The report he gets doesn’t get appropriate results for the OU and period selected. While doing a pivot table in Event reports, the results are fine.

Also when I provide this user the user right “All (full authority)”, the line list results then match the OU/Period parameters selected but also give other maintenance modules access.

Has anyone faced this issue? is there something in the User role to fix this.

Hi @Dipali_Sahu,

Could you provide some screenshots/examples of what the user sees? So the issues is that not all records show up in the line list?

Tagging @dhis2-analytics also to potentially provide input on the different analytics user authorities and why it could poossibly vary.

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Yes, you are right actually, the user sees all the records in the line list.
Let me get back with more detail and screenshots.

We have a few users complaining about the issue, hence it is important now.


Please see the screenshot attached. And you are right, the issue is all that all records start to show up in the report once the user selects Line list.

Also this is associated with User R

ole. I am a super user and for my account the line list value match the pivot table values. However, only the country users who have access limitations on all fronts face this error.