2.33: Category options unmapped from category automatically

Some of the category options were unmapped from few category automatically. Under Donor category we had 17 options until May 1 , that’s when I last checked. Today on May 4, I see only 13 donor options under the category Donors. This is true with other categories also.

No updates were made to these categories by anyone between May 1 and 4. Last updated date and user is same both main Production and the testing Preproduction sites (we maintain a copy site of production on local server for testing and training purpose). However, in preprod its all good however, on Production site some category options are missing.
I am able to re-map the category options to the categories.

Also, when I update category option combinations, it says “cannot execute” but it still updates the category option combinations.

Thank you in advance

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I’m experiencing these same symptoms with 2.32.8 (latest revision)—strangely the timing is the same as well.

@Dipali_Sahu One piece of critical information I am experiencing is that we are not seeing a change to the “lastUpdatedBy” or “updatedBy” values for those category options. In other words, the “unassignment” is happening and not being recorded by the API.

Are you able to see changes to the “Last Updated” values?

No I don’t see any change in Last updated. Also that how i confirmed that it is not a change thatI or any of my team made because the last updated on Pre-prod and Production site are same, although the content inside the category is not.

Hi Dipali and Chase
I’ve seen this before in 2.30 and as you pointed out, the change leaves no trace in the logs. One pattern I’ve been able to see is related to the use of reports. In the instance where I saw this the first time, it seems to happen more often around the time when event reports and pivot tables are used the most.
Since you are seeing this now in 2.32 and 2.33, I’ll revise the ticket I opened in January to include this information and will try to replicate the problem in these versions.
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Thanks Juan-- we just had it happen again-- still no trace. Not even in the metadata audit logs. No pattern established yet.