2.24 - Options and OptionsSets

Dear DHIS2 community,

In Version 2.23 the “code” field was compulsory when adding options to an optionset. The “code” was also stored in the value column in the trackedentityattributevalue and trackedentitydatavalue tables.

  1. I added an optionset in “play.dhis2.org/demo” but was unable to add any options - I just get the message “Option failed to save”. There must be a small bug somewhere.
  2. However, the bigger question for me regarding options is: The “code” field is also not marked with an (*) (as in 2.23), so is code not a compulsory field any more? If not compulsory, then what will be stored in the value column of the trackedentityattributevalue and trackedentitydatavalue tables?


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