We'd love to hear from you! What do you think about the DHIS2 CoP?

(Kjerstin Andreasen) #25

Hello! Welcome!

We have not limited the CoP to only the English language.

We encourage CoP members to write in French if they are Francophone members since there is a large number of French-speaking members.

To learn more about DHIS2, I encourage you to take the DHIS2 Fundamentals course, a free online training.

There are also DHIS2 Academies organized around the world.

(Kjerstin Andreasen) #26

Bonjour et bienvenue!

Nous aimerons bien apprendre plus de votre projet au Cameroun. Et vous pouvez continuer à écrire en français!


(Claire Brereton) #27

That will be good practice for those of us who speak a little French!

Claire F Brereton FACS CEng GAICD MPH

UQ Child Health Research Centre

Ph: +61 419 901107

Skype: clairebrereton

Email: claire.brereton@uq.edu.au

Twitter: clairebre

ORCID 0000-0001-8686-4237

(Masilonyane) #28

I have taken that course and I have the certificate in that

(abako) #32

Hello Andreasen!
In our organization, we are implementing the DHIS2 version 2.30, our goal to create a platform that will enable the Organization to provide viable and timely information flows with accurate data. We are in pilot phase on the data IPDs (Individual, Nutrition surgery etc.) OPD, Aggregated (PHC, CPN, EPI VACCI, FAMILY PLANING, LAB AND COPN), with Dashboard for the visualized the data encoded on Data entry, Seizure Tracker, Entering Events.

(Kjerstin Andreasen) #33

Merci beaucoup!

(Jean Paul Mutali) #35

@Emerlinda tu peux aussi joindre le coin des francophones pour plus d info sur DHIS-2

(abako) #38

Bonjour Emerlinda
je suis à extrême nord. j’ai 5 ans expériences en système d’information sanitaire dans une organisation international, je cannais le système de sante dans beaucoup de pays Comme le Tchad, Niger, Nigeria, RCA et Cameroun . nous pouvons travailler ensemble pour ton projet. si tes d’accord, mon Facebook Bakary Sadou Bakary)

(sarder) #40

@kjerstin ,

I have got a lot of help from this DHIS2 CoP. This place was actually a life saver for me. When I fetched a problem regarding DHIS2, “search icon” of this site worked like a magic for me. Thanks for the people & organization who worked behind it, participated in discussion and shared there knowledge in web and working continuously to make it better and improved.


(Marta Vila) #42

Hello @kjerstin

for the android team is very useful to have the communications with the community centralized in this platform instead of mixed with all other emails in our inbox. It is also useful to keep track of our response when a user asks for support, since we are a big team and we distribute the work. We are all assigned to the @dhis2-android group and is very useful to make sure that we don’t leave any message without an answer.

It is really helpful!


(Curtis Mukumba) #45

Thanks a lot. I’ll do like wise as long as I get used to the platform.
In fact, I am still new on both DHIS2 & it community.

(Patrick Mbah Okwen) #46

I am new to DHIS2 CoP and excited to be in this community. Our organisation runs rigourous trials and have recently been interested in using DHIS 2 data for measuring impact. So far we seem to be happy with the data available for our planned outcomes. I thought i should find out from the community if we are missing out something; if there are some heads up to give us.

(Kjerstin Andreasen) #47

Welcome Patrick!