Version 2.36 Maps Not working

Hello day community,

I have installed version 2.36 for more than four times. In each instance, the maps app does not work. It displays blank page in each instance.

Assistance needed.

Screens below:

Hey @fosuhene ,

For me to get support for this one it’s important that you take screenshots of the error messages, please. Please make it similar to the following:

Please try the following:

Dear Sir, @fosuhene
is postgis installed?

Hello family, the Land Cover series of the google earth engine is taking forever to load. Please is anything I am not doing it right?

Please try the following:

This is what I got at the console.

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: t is undefined

Thank you.

I think screenshots are easier to figure out. Please screenshot the Network as well as the Console.

For those kind of issues I see experts here recommending you click on the file and copy the whole js code then paste it into then paste the result.

Good luck!

Please have a look at the response from console.

Thanks for the screenshot! I posted it for support …

Hey @fosuhene ,
Thank you! I copied the screenshot and it explained the error from Google Earth Engine that it needed an update. @austin sent me the link to this issue on Jira: and said that it has been fixed very recently but some of the fix versions have not yet been released.

Here’s the status of the releases for your version:

Thank you @Gassim.

for the quick response.
Please is there any guide on how to upgrade to a newer or stable version?


@Roshan.Konda thank you for your support, I believe @fosuhene posted the question in another post so I moved the related posts to this topic.

@Roshab . Yes please. Postgis is installed.

Hi @fosuhene how are you? Have you been able to solve the issue? Regarding you request for a guide on upgrading. Here’s an official guide on upgrading your DHIS2 version which has been added recently to the performing system documentation. Please feel free to write back with comments or questions.

Thank you team, for this support document. I will revert with findings.
Once again, thank you.

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