To make a program indicator

In event reports I have a data element called “multiplicity”.

The data element “multiplicity” there are option 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

For example
if mulitiplicity is 1 in two events.
if multiplicity is 2 in in two events.
If multiplicity is 3 in three events.

The total count would be 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 15

The total events would be 7 .

Is it possible to make a program indcator to count the above ?

Please specify the program indicator “expression” & “filter” for the “total count” & the “total event”.

Hi @udakaya,

Let’s start with the second part of your question which is about calculating total events (7).
You can follow the below configuration from Program Indicator:

Then I recommend using the Data visualizer App instead of the event’s report as indicated below:

Regarding the first part of your question which is related to calculating the total count of option values in different events, I do not think this is possible from the configuration of the program indicator side.

I think it’s similar to the below issue which was raised before could you please check and confirm if it’s the same issue as what you are experiencing?

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Hi @udakaya

To get the total count from the DE with optionset, make sure the optionset is aggregated with positive or zero integer.
The DE in particular should be SUM in aggregation type.

Create a program indicator for event like in the picture below:

Add the data element just like this in expression

Save, and make sure to run analytics.

Open the event report and add the information you are interested in and update the table:

In my example, I have a TEI called: Hello, with two events in one stage. In the first event I entered 4, and the last one I entered 5. Now you can se the last column is the program indicator. 4+5 = 9
In TEI: hehi I entered 6 in the first event and 3 in the last one: 3+6 = 9

For the event count, Ayman has described this for you, but if you only want to filter by events that has a particular data element entered, you need to filter by that data element…