Offline setup with H2 database

I want to use H2 database for the offline version of DHIS2, and it works fine for DHIS2 version less than 2.31, now I want to use the latest version starting from 2.31 and above but when I try this it fails, I don’t know the reason, DHIS2 starting from 2.31 and above do not support the H2 database? or what will be the reason for this, if you any suggestion, please welcome on helping me.

Thanks in advance
Beruck Bayhe

Hey @Beruck, welcome to the community! Would you mind sharing any error logs?

Several newer features require Postgres, as announced in 2017. So unfortunately, it is not surprising that you will face this problem with more recent versions. What specific errors do you see?

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@Knut_Staring thanks a lot! I hope we hear back from @Beruck, but I have a question please. Could the compatibility mode work as a temporary solution if @Beruck needs to use H2? :smiley: Just guessing! Thanks!


Hi @Beruck ,

After adopting several postgres-specific features, like jsonb and postgis, we decided to exclusively support postgres from that point on. That also includes dropping the support for H2. I don’t remember the specific version right now, but 2.31 sounds correct. This means in all cases you need a running postgres database for DHIS2 to run.

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