Mismatch between line listing report and event report and event visualizer data

Hello DHIS2 Community,
I wanted to ask if others have been having the issue where line listing app reports are reporting more data than what you are able to visualize in Event report pivot tables and Event Visualizer. We have reported this issue in Jira but I was surprised that few had reported. To me this is a really critical issue that can cause users to question the validity of the system. We encountered the issue when upgrading to 2.38 though are using at 2.39 version currently.


Thank you for raising this question with the community. It’s an important topic to be aware of. Would you please share the Jira issue so one could have a closer look at it with all the description and steps to reproduce?

Additionally, what version of DHIS2 are you using?

Please know that it’s important to differentiate between the latest apps and the legacy apps, (Event Report app and the Event Visualizer apps are old apps and are or will be replaced see here) Regardless of the legacy apps app, I would like to know if there’s a mismatch between the actual data and the Line Listing app?

First, it’s important to note that sometimes some of these issues could be because of misconfiguration or issues within the database itself and not the system. It’s always recommended to create back up of the data before upgrading as well as a couple of other instructions to ensure that the upgrade happens without a fail in any aspect. (Upgrading - DHIS2 Documentation)

Second, to the best of my knowledge, if there’s any software bug it’s usually noticeable and it doesn’t affect the raw data itself so once there’s a fix, everything returns to normal since the capture “input” apps are not the same as the visualizing “output” apps.

So as I understood from your post the issue is with the mismatch between the values in the different apps? I hope with the jira issue you share, we’ll have more insight into what issue you are facing.

Thank you!

Hello Gassim,
Here is the Jira ticket.


We identified the issue back in May, I think. Still unresolved

I hope that before these apps are retired or become unsupported that we have better options for visualizing tracker data in pivot tables and graphs. For some of our tracker programs we rely on Event Reports and Event Visualizer as Data Visualizer does not work for these.