Mandatory fields for tracker attributes not working on version 2.30

Hi Team,

Has anyone else experienced mandatory fields not being marked with red asterix and accepting null values for tracker attributes? We noticed this with a number of 2.30 build revisions and instances including the version on the demo website today (13/12/18). If yes, please share solution.

Thank you!

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Hi @aabbagana,

Our @dhis2-platform team will have a look at this and advise.


Dear Amina,

I just tested on the demo server, by ticking sex and city in the TB program mandatory and its working. You may need to check on your server logs to identify where the error is coming from, also may be clearing ngix cache could also help or updating to the latest build of 2.30




Can you check that the user you are using DOES NOT HAVE authorities “All (Full authority)” and “Ignore validation of required fields in Tracker and Event Capture”?

Because if a user has one of these authorities (so, for example, is a superuser) then the validation is skipped.

I also see that we forgot to put more info about this new authority into 2.30 docs. But you can find info about this authority here: in the last bullet point.

Let me know if this is the case.


Yes, David. Its working fine now. Thanks All!

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Cool. We will also update the docs accordingly and add info about the new authority in other relevant section/s as well.