Impossible to edit an event with Cat combo - Read this before updating to [fixed]

Hi there,

I’m posting this mainly to avoid you some potential troubles :wink:

We’ve realized that under and versions, it was impossible to edit an event for event program with category combo. This only affects the web browser capture app (so if you collect only through the mobile app, it will still be all good).
It’s a bug that wasn’t present in

We’ve created a JIRA ticket for the bug here

I’d suggest that if you have any event program with category combo, you wait for this bug to be fixed before upgrading your instances to the latest 2.38 or 2.39 :slight_smile:


In the meantime we tried to rollback to our previous version
and it’s getting worst since some flyway migration were incorporated in the patches.

we had errors with

Detected applied migration not resolved locally: 2.38.48.
If you removed this migration intentionally, run repair to mark the migration as deleted.
Detected applied migration not resolved locally: 2.38.49.

as a workaround

delete from flyway_schema_history where version = '2.38.48'
delete from flyway_schema_history where version = '2.38.49'

but frankly this is the second time I encounter troubles with upgrades/rollback.
What’s going on the dev side @Gassim ?

@phil can you “reopen” threads in the release, we can’t even comment on troubles found with these hotfix

@Stephan_Mestach it is better if a new topic is created when there is an issue. If there’s an issue other than the one mentioned in this topic post please feel free to create a new topic too. I will make sure the team is aware of these issues and will respond promptly.

Thank you for your understanding.

OK but I think it’s hiding that there are troubles upgrading to a newer version which is not great.

ex this one is not closed : DHIS2 version 40.0.1 is now available - HOTFIX

Apologies, that’s not our intention. It’s more about keeping the forum organized as you can see that under the post there’s a link to the announcement:

Additionally, if you want your topic post to appear there then make sure to add the link to it in the topic post you create.

The topic post was closed because it was noticed that the topic received several inquiries which meant required the necessity to keep it closed for clarity but like I said, the team is visible and transparent about the software development. You can keep track of bugs here Projects - Jira and view each bug one by one.

Hi @Thomas_Warichet,

Thanks for reporting this bug and flagging to the community. Happy to report that this was fixed in 100.33.1 app release (JIRA/Github release )so if you upgrade to that app version or a later on the app hub, this should be fixed. Feel free to update and double check that this works for you as well :slight_smile: Sorry for the inconvenience!

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