Impossibility of retrieving population data on a monthly basis using the API

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I need help pulling data from API, the problem is that the number of the total population is collected annually in dhis2. But i need to take it monthly in my API for the calculation of indicators for example the rate coverage of vaccination BCG.

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Hello @crakotondramanitra

You have to check annualized option in the details of your indicator.

To understand how it work you can read this topic.

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The Data Element Population Totale cannot be retrieved on a monthly basis using the API. More precisely, when you give an endDate and startDate that encompasses a full year ( 2020-01-01 to 2020-12-31) data is returned normally but when you give an endDate and startDate within a year (2020-01-01 to 2020-06-30) then no data is returned. This causes all sorts of issues as all coverage indicators that have “Population Totale” in the denominator cannot be pulled monthly as a result. We tested cloning various indicators and checking then unchecking the annualized checkbox and it didn’t do anything. We even tried it on the DHIS 2.38 Snapshot it the hope that the bug may have been resolved but still impossible to retrieve “Population Totale” Data Element monthly…We don’t need annualization. we just want to be able to retrieve the dataElement on the specified monthly timeframe as would expected of the normal behavior of the API.

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Make sure the aggregation type for the population data element is set to “Average (Sum in org unit hierarchy)”. This will ensure that when requesting the a monthly value for population in analytics, the yearly value will be returned.