How can to customize front page of DHIS2

Hmmmm… It’s strange that you can change the “Introduction” but not the "Title.

Can you try to change it via the API? e.g. running something like the following from the command line:

curl -X POST --user admin:district\?value\=New%20Application%20Title\&locale\=en

With your own username:password and URL, of course


Getting an error from the spring framework firewall, I need to check and it looks like I need to change something to allow the URL format. Ill try again once I figure that out.


Just seeing this - The reason for not seeing the changes made in the ‘English’ language settings is because DHIS2 by default on the login page, will not have any language selected, and as such, will load ‘System default (fallback)’ language settings. So either you specify the same settings in the default language settings or change to English at the login page

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Thank you for the suggestion @kasozis! (:

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