Hibernate error at startup : [org.hisp.dhis.period.PeriodType] : Discriminator: QuarterlyNov [FIXED]

So I downloaded the war file, unzipped the necessary jars

 wget https://releases.dhis2.org/2.39/dhis2-stable-
 unzip dhis2-stable-
 cd WEB-INF/lib/
 unzip dhis-service-core-2.39*.jar
 cat org/hisp/dhis/period/hibernate/PeriodType.hbm.xml

this hibernate mapping file doesn’t contains the “QuarterlyNov” entry compared to the main branch

So I assume the code has been “retracted” from the code base
forgetting that a db record could have been created by a previous version of dhis2 ?

So the contains the QuarterlyNov but apparently not 2.39.*

@Gassim can you ping the development team ?

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