DHIS2 Contact Tracing Application (SILACAK) Tracer Self-Registration System: Pro-active solution using Whatsapp-BOT (AMICA)

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Part of the Integrated DHIS2 platform for routine & emergency disease surveillance DAC2021 Session: Tuesday 22nd June 14:00

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DHIS2 Contact Tracing Application (SILACAK) Tracer Self-Registration System: Pro-active solution using Whatsapp-BOT (AMICA)
Name: Syefira Salsabila
Job title: Lecturer
Organisation: Universitas Halu Oleo, Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi
Location: Indonesia

The covid-19 Pandemic situation has been encouraging all countries to optimize the use of technology to advance the existing digital devices and platforms that can be used as the tools to connect all the life sectors and solve the problems found although in the distance. As we live in the digital era, the innovation of technology is needed to face matters. In the health sector, Health Information System (HIS) is seen as the practical tools or platforms to be developed on managing the cases and health data itself in the manner that health care services are delivered.
Each country has chosen a different technology strategy to face this pandemic. Indonesia decided to adopt the use of the DHIS2 platform on managing the covid-19 data named by SILACAK, an information system to track close contact with people who have confirmed positive. The coordinator of this activity is in the field of Health Quarantine Surveillance that has a responsibility to train the SILACAK’s users. Adjusting to the pandemic situation, it was complicated to mobilize throughout Indonesia by gathering users for training in a particular place. Therefore, the ToK is chosen by using the online method, where the participants can be trained in real-time without considering the location as long as they can access the internet.
On top of it, this study has recognized that the digital learning materials may still be improved. The country implementation strategy must also acknowledge the heterogeneity of its potential audiences, the geographical and infrastructural challenges and respond appropriately to ensure that the learning materials and knowledge reach the intended learners. To solve the internet issue, we have to record activities, create creative e-books in pdf format, and provide video tutorials. So that the users who have signal problems can choose the media to study or repeat the material. The digital learning materials possess ubiquitous and robust nature that potentially allows more efficient facilitation of knowledge transfer and other advantages compared to traditional face-to-face learning materials.

AMICA was built as an innovation to create a user account and do a user self-registration. Whatsapp has been chosen as an effective platform because 2 billion people are using this instant messaging platform, and Indonesia took on 4th place. It means that most Indonesian recognize this application and considered it the best decision to use this platform to develop a self-registration feature. Moreover, Whatsapp provides an API, the Whatsapp Business API, which can be used to create chatbots. A chatbot is a chat service feature program with artificial intelligence to simulate conversations with users. By using this service feature, users can register independently to get a user account into SILACAK. The users only need to send the messages in the form of the command to the bot to register an account for the tracer, which then the bot replies to the command message that the user wants; these commands are in the form of stages in creating a SILACAK account. Account creation is made in scenes from the regional admin who will invite the person in charge (tracers) for the test, trace, and isolation from the puskesmas, and then the tracers will accept the invitation message sent by regional admin and do a tracer self-registration in AMICA by following the chatbot instruction. AMICA is still being tested before it is ready to be carried out in real terms for all users in Indonesia. This research provides applicative input that chatbots can help self-registration create account users quickly and responsively so that two-way communication can be created between systems.


I’m very interested in your experience.

We want to be able to integrate DHIS2 with whatsapp.

And also get patient-filled forms outside of DHIS2 to be integrated into DHIS2.

Could we contact you to exchange this experience?

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Hello thank you for your appreciation to us.
we welcome to discuss our experience about that matter and for the further please contact us to admin@castellumdigital.id or syefira@castellumdigital.id or lalulian@castellumdigital.id