Data set complete notification - restriction by org units

Hi Peter,

Do you have any solution or workaround for this behaviour?



Em qui, 8 de nov de 2018 às 11:39, Petar Jovanovic escreveu:

Hi everyone,

We are using v2.28 and define that notifications are sent to the users

of the one specific user group.

In addition, we were expecting that notifications will be additionally

filtered by the org units, such that the users from the specified user

group, but not from the org unit where the data are entered will not

receive data set completion notification.

I could not find any information in the documentation if the org unit

restrictions are also applied for the data set completion notifications

or they are always sent to all users in the specified user group.

Does anyone know if this is done at the moment? If not, would it be a

chance to apply it somehow?

Thank you!



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