Data entry app not loading

For those having the same problem. As @tzemp was mentioning the fix is not yet included in 2.39.2. The problem comes from the code:

Date lastUpdated = DateUtils.max( Set.of(
            identifiableObjectManager.getLastUpdated( DataElement.class ),
            identifiableObjectManager.getLastUpdated( OptionSet.class ),
            identifiableObjectManager.getLastUpdated( Indicator.class ),
            identifiableObjectManager.getLastUpdated( DataSet.class ),
            identifiableObjectManager.getLastUpdated( CategoryCombo.class ),
            identifiableObjectManager.getLastUpdated( Category.class ),
            identifiableObjectManager.getLastUpdated( CategoryOption.class ) ) );

In my case, I didn’t have optionSet in the system and therefore it was crashing. You can quickly verify all those tables via the Maintenance App or directly on the database and populate with whatever to get going until the fix.

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This was not a solution for me as the new data entry app doesn’t even load and a blank page is displayed:

That’s one I haven’t seen before. Thanks for letting us know @jaime.bosque. We’ll look into it.

Hey @jaime.bosque, I recognize that error – it’s fixed in the Data Entry (Beta) app version 100.2.0; you can upgrade it in the app hub.

That said, it seems like like navigator.serviceWorker is unavailable in your context, which will make the offline features of the app unavailable. That can happen in “private browsing” in Firefox for example, and some other situations that you can check out in this stack overflow thread


Hi @kpvandivier .

The version I am running is this:

But following the instructions on the stack overflow thread helped and now I can load the app. Thanks!

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Ah good, great that you can load the app now :grinning: strange that 100.2.4 wasn’t working though :thinking: I’ll try to reproduce it, but let me know if you run into it again, or if you can share more context

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