Data entered and complete, but no output?


We are just starting our implementation. For the first time we have entered data into a form, and pressed the Complete button. However, when we try to generate a pivot table, no values are displayed. I have double checked the dates, etc.

Version 2.31

I’m guessing I’m missing something obvious. Can anyone help me out?



Hi Andy, I’ve been there myself. I hope this helps:

You need to tigger the analytics process. This can be automated in the future if you set it up via the Scheduler. For now, go into the Data Administration App, find “Analytics Table”, and choose “start export” (your_url_here/dhis-web-data-administration/index.html#/analytics).

From DHIS2 Glossary in User Guide:

Analytics refers to the process which processes and prepares data which has been entered into DHIS2 into a format which is more suitable for retrieving indicators and aggregated data. When data is entered into DHIS2, it is stored in a format which is optimized for writing the data. However, when data needs to be processed into indicators or aggregated (e.g from months to quarters), it is more efficient to transform and store this data in a different format which is optimized for read-only operations. The analytics system of DHIS2 is used extensively by the analytics apps (GIS, Pivot Table, Event reports, etc.).

It is important to keep in mind that because the data which has been entered into DHIS2 must be processed into the analytics format, the data which appears in the analytics apps only represents the data which was present in the system the last time analytics was run. If data has been entered after that, analytics will need to be run again for this data to appear in the analytics apps.



Man, thanks so much! I was baffled. Would have taken me a looong time to figure that out on my own.