Changes to the analytics process (partitioning) in 2.37.4?

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Has something changed in the way that DHIS2 processes analytics in 2.37.4+?

There doesn’t seem to be any hints in the release notes that something may have changed. But I have noticed some log events/messages that I have before:

Analytics partition cache cleared ( [http-nio2-8080-exec-3])

AND these errors:

nested exception is org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: syntax error at or near "partition"

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: "analytics" is not partitioned

Thanks for your question @chase.freeman!

It might help a bit more if you share the complete Catalina.out log (without the sensitive info) right after starting the analytics tables management export. Thanks!

Thanks @Gassim - I am not looking for debugging or support but for more information on if there are changes that were made.

Upgrading to Postgres 13 fixed the issues but that doesn’t seem to be a required version. So I’m looking for more information from the backend team.

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I’m glad you got it fixed. Yes, I was hoping it might give a hint about to fix it, but I also wanted to make it easier for other experts to spot it if the full log would help.

Thanks! :+1:

It seems that this might require some testing from the developers and I believe you are following up directly with the developers on this. @chase.freeman please share the Jira bug issue if you create one.

Thanks! :+1:

Hey @chase.freeman,

You are right, there have been changes related to partitioning in analytics table generation. The change was introduced in 2.37.0 though, not a later patch. You can find more details here. It should work with postgres 10 too though ( this is the version we use on play ), so would be interesting to get more details from you on the issue you had with pg10.


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