Be not able to import Organize unit from CSV

Dear Sir/Madame,

I cerrently use version 2.30. Why can’t import Org Unit from formative CSV file. on Meta data import feature? Any advice?

Hi @LCaynar,

Which DHIS2 Version are you using?

Kindly Check on the below links and see if they help.

  1. Importing Organisation Units
  2. New Organization Units Import
  3. Import org. unit CSV


Hi @jomutsani,

I have deployed verson 2.30. I have an attachment of work flow which stated below:

  1. Create zone form

  2. Import through Meta data but failure import

  3. Import through data import, but failure import

Please help to resolve this.

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Please checkout latest build of 2.30. We have update the UI for metadata import using CSV as in below screenshot.

Basically in metadata import, you need to choose

  1. Format : CSV
  2. Object Type : ORGANISATION UNIT

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Dear @viet
Thanks, It works properly.

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