Attribute option combo does not exist for given category combo and category options

Dear Dhis2 team

I am facing the attached issue below when ever an user enter data, the following pop massage is coming up ‘Attribute option combo does not exist for given category combo and category options’. I have tried to check on the community but i have not yet got the answers .

Any help will be appreciated


Hi @Shapr0019

This issue was mentioned before so maybe we can find a solution for this. May I ask if you created the category combinations manually, using API, or import/export? During the creation did you make sure to configure the attribute option combinations as well?

Additionally, would you please try the suggestion below:

After you go to the Data Administartion app → Maintenance → Update Category option combinations, please go to the data set and test by using the browser’s Guest mode to make sure that cache doesn’t confuse us. If it’s working go back to your normal browser mode and clear the browser cache.

I hope this helps. Thanks!

Build revision aec9de0
Build date April 14, 2023 at 13:37

We are having the same issue in our DHIS instance (“Attribute option combo does not exist for given category combo and category options” appears during data entry), but when we try to update category option combos we cannot complete it and we get an error (“An unknown error occurred - (504)” )

Apparently the changes made recently in the DHIS were:

  • Category Options were updated manually by assigning or unassigning organisation units from them

  • Data elements were updated by the assignment of different categoryCombos

We are going to create a mirror instance and upgrade it to a later version of DHIS and see if we can successfully run categoryOptionCombos. Do you have any other thoughts?

Hi all
We are also experiencing the same problem in our dhis2 instance. As you can see in the pictures, this problem prevents us from :

  1. Entering new values
  2. access historical data entered in the same form
  3. The Visualizer module doesn’t display the data.

Does anyone have any tips or experience of this problem? How did you solve it?


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For what its worth @kmartial and @LauraLincks we have not been able to use the Admin–>Maintenance–>Update Category Option Combinations option for several years now, due to the large number of COCs that we maintain. Our solution is a manual one that involves creating new CategoryOptionCombos every time we are adding new CategoryOptions. It’s a tedious process, to be sure, but is definitely possible. Looking at categoryOptionCombos that exist through the api (api/categoryOptionCombos), you can get, pull, and use this as a template to create others. Personally I get a single COC json, put it into excel, pull out the necessary Items (the categoryOption IDs attached to it, the name, the UID of the categoryOptionCombo itself) and the create crosswalk columns for what I’m going to be replacing it with.

I will say, another, vastly faster option is actually to recreate the categoryCombo, but creating a new categoryCombo with the same categories included. The system has always (no matter the number) done a good job doing the initial creation of categoryOptionCombos. If you don’t have any data stored at all, you could simply swap it out. If you do, you could still potentially use this new categoryCombo (basically, the categoryOptionCombos should = the number from the original. If not, you can triangulate which are missing from the new categoryOptionCombos, and then move them from the new CategoryCombo to the original, thereby “patching” whatever is missing)

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@Shapr0019 @kmartial: I hope that your issues are now resolved after following @gassim’s advice.

@LauraLincks @Matthew_Boddie: Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the system update of category option combinations via the admin app. We certainly don’t want you to need to update category option combinations manually, so if you can share any additional information that might help us diagnose (and resolve) the issue (e.g. logs), please reach out.


Thanks @tzemp ! I’ll try and replicate the issue on play and pass along the metadata to reproduce it with a similar program to our own.


@tzemp that you , the issue was resolved