Additional COVID-19 Data Packages are released!

DHIS2 has released additional COVID-19 Surveillance Packages! These include:

  • COVID-19 Case-based Surveillance Tracker (V 0.2)
  • COVID-19 Contact Registration and Follow-up Tracker (V 0.2)
  • COVID-19 Surveillance Event Program
  • COVID-19 Aggregate Surveillance

You can read the release notes here. COVID-19 Package V 0.2 Release Notes

To get started, review the Design Documents and Installation Guides, and download the metadata files here:

If you have questions or encounter any issues with these data packages, please post them here.


Thanks for the updates @maxk, good to see the single events and aggregate surveillance packages.

We are considering using DHIS2 for COVID-19 surveillance here in Laos. While testing the event program in “row view” mode, I came across an error with the assigned date of onset, see below (“error encountered during field validation”) which prevents the event from being saved. This doesn’t occur when entering data in Form View mode.

It also seems that the assigned date of onset is automatically set to the report date for asymptomatic cases (and to date of symptoms for others), rather than allowing for manual entry of the date. I can’t check the program rules so would appreciate if someone could look into this, or explain what I’m doing wrong.

In addition, is it possible to 1) disable future dates for onset of symptoms and event date, and 2) add a program rule to avoid dates of symptoms and/or onset to be after the event date?



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Dear Bram, thank you for your feedback. We will check the error ASAP and I will update you and the community. Kind regards, Yury


Hey Bram, this part seems like a bug in the Capture app. Here is a jira issue:
The issue is fixed, and will be reaching you in the upcoming DHIS2 point releases.

Best regards


Setting up a blank DHIS 2.33 is not running the migrations for 2.31.

2.33.2 not starting up on a blank instance Here’s the error.

Hi @banga. Thanks for sharing this error. Hopefully my colleagues @YuryR of @Shurajit_Dutta will be able to help resolve that for you.